List of research institutes in india

Frequently Asked

  1. What are the posts in ISRO?
    Ans: Scientists/engineers, technical assistants, technician, controller.
  2. What are the minimum qualifications for ISRO recruitment?
    Ans: BTech/MTech/PhD/B.E/M.E/Diploma/ITI
  3. What are the most preferable streams for ISRO recruitment?
    Ans: ISRO recruits according to requirements in a specific project. For details please visit
  4. What is the eligibility criteria?
    Ans: 65% in 10+2, 6.84 CGPA (engineering/basic sciences)
  5. What are the criteria for NASA astronaut program?
    • Height should be between 5′ 2″ to 6′ 3″
    • Blood pressure should be less than 140/90
    • Vision should be 20/20
    • No history of any major health issue
    • Emotional stability
    • Should be fluent in English and Russian
    • Depending upon the type of project the personnel should have either a military background or have equivalent degrees in STEM fields. If the personnel is a pilot he or she, should have 1000 hours of flying time.
    • Minimum 3 yrs of professional service experience.
    • Should be a citizen of US
    • Should be a citizen of US
    For more information visit
  6. How should a student prepare to become a NASA astronaut?
    Ans: 10 important ways for students to prepare to become a NASA astronaut are

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